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In case you don't find the answer here to your questions, please send me an email!

More useful information can be found at FAQ.

Running late

Please call, or send me a note as soon as possible. Please note, that I might have another session right after the one with you, which means I will not be able to extend the tour. In such a case you can use only the remaining time.

Even if I do not have another session following yours and you would like to extend the session with time passed due to being late, 50% of the minimum package price will be added as an extra charge on top of the basic package price.

It is recommended to plan to arrive 10 minutes before the agreed time of the tour.

Reschedule and/or canceling the photo shoot

Well, sometimes it happens. In case you'd still like to have a photo shoot, I hope to have a chance to reschedule it.

In any cases you are kindly asked to inform me about cancellation at least 72 hours in advance. Please note, that the deposit will be refunded only if you cancel the booking at least 72 hours before the session.


Travelers are responsible for any transportation fees or additional fees (admission to museums, parks, ferry tickets, bus, food, etc.) required for you and the photographer.

Copyright of the images

You will have the right to use the images for personal use only. That means you can download, share or print them, but you cannot sell them. The photographer retains the copyright of all the images.


Customer agrees to release András Grausz from any liability for damage, losses and injury to them or to any person or property resulting from the use of our services, accepting themselves as the full responsibility for any and all such damage or injury.
András Grausz will not be liable for incidents related directly or indirectly with our services.

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